Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Conversations with The Duke

A lot of the time, the Duke and I have ridiculous conversations. I've decided they make for funny (if brief) blog posts. This is the first of what will be, I'm sure, many more:

I call this one "Happy-Fun Things"

me: *reading along* ... Do you want to hear something depressing?

him: No. I don't want to hear depressing things, I want to hear Happy-Fun things.

me: Okay. *continues reading*

him: *staring at me* ... Well? Are you going to tell me?

me: *blinks* Noooo, you said you didn't want to hear depressing things. You said you wanted to hear Happy-Fun things. Why would I tell you depressing things when you said you don't want to hear depressing things?

him: *thinks* But now I'm curious.

me: You're ridiculous. I'm writing this down.

him: Dammit.


Megan said...


Now I just need to know!

The Duchess said...

Ha! It was some statistic about how Americans work SO much more than people in other countries. We get a lot less vacation, work longer days, and even longer weeks. Mostly depressing because the Duke hates his job so much! (I hated my job when I worked there, too).