Saturday, February 12, 2011

My first black eye

I was driving home from class, and talking to the Duke on the phone (totally legal here, fyi) and I was being way funny and clever and the Duke said I was being a smart ass and threatened to throw a shoe at me.

I thought he might actually do it, just to be funny. So, when I walked into our apartment I flung the door open and jumped back, just in case. He did NOT throw a shoe then, but declared that since I was being such a smart ass that he would after all. So I was laughing hysterically and he whipped his shoe at me which turned out to be a rubber flip flop which is totally not threatening at all so I grabbed it and threw it out into the hallway and tried to shut the door.

He tried to pull the door open, we struggled, and my hand slipped and the metal door cracked me right in the face.

He felt really bad, so bad that he ran to get me some ice and totally forgot that his flip flop was still in the hallway. I was just grateful that I didn't have a broken nose or tooth or something, and now when he threatens to throw shoes at me I just remind him how well that worked out last time.

He's definitely going to throw more shoes at me.