Friday, December 3, 2010

Welcome to my Blog, or, I like to think I'm funny.

So for a while now, I’ve been lurking. Stalking, even. Reading your blogs, laughing, sharing on facecult and Twitster. And, you have totally inspired me. Someone once said that I am funny, and then another someone once said my life is funny. I’ll go with the latter. And, I like to procrastinate. So I wrote my first Christmas Letter, and I was pretty impressed with myself, and I thought “What better time to pick up blogging again, right?”

This is the first post, so I will be totally lame-o and Introduce MeSelf. I am a twenty-something (read: almost thirty) Grad student, studying to be a School Counselor. I am also planning to look into becoming a Candidate for Deacon in the United Methodist Church. The combo of these things made me consider making this blog anonymous. I’m still sort of debating if I will come out of my blogging closet. Mostly I am super-paranoid that I’ll do/say/post something completely stupid and get fired or shunned or something. Methodists don’t really shun. At least not that I know of. Better check on that.

Where was I? Probably should mention I’m a little bit ADD. But who isn’t?

Oh yeah, Introducing MeSelf. Anyhow I was all wondering if I should be secretive about my blog and Naughty Me was all, “If it’s anonymous you can talk shit crap about people and drop the F-bomb” cause I like to drop F-bombs sometimes a lot and Good Me was all, “Why would you want to talk crap about people? You’re not supposed to talk crap about people.” and then Naughty Me was all, “Because it will be more funny that way!” and then Good Me was all, “You can’t be funny without talking crap about people and swearing?” and Naughty Me was all, “Well…” and you get the idea. So for now even though I’m all incognito I won’t talk crap about people and I’ll use hilarious substitutes for swear words, because maybe it will be even funnier that way. Plus, there’s lots of embarrassing stuff that I want to talk about without you knowing it’s me. See?

So this is my not-so-funny intro to my I-hope-I’m-funny blog. Hopefully you likey!

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