Friday, December 3, 2010

Bargain Books Haul, or, I look like I need counseling.

Today was my first time at Bargain Books. That place is AWESOME. For $35 I got:

Man’s Search for Meaning Viktor E. Frankl

You are Enough: Always Have Been… Always Will Be David J. Walker

“Help Me, I’m Sad”: Recognizing, Treating, and Preventing Childhood and Adolescent Depression David G. Fassler, M.D., and Lynne S. Dumas

Quotations to Cheer You Up when the World is Getting You Down Allen Klein

Do It Now! Break the Procrastination Habit Dr. William J. Knaus (OK I confess, this one’s just for me. The first page will probably say something like, “Don’t start a blog.”)

APA Publication Manual, 6th ed. (I hope this one was the red flag: This customer is a student, not a patient.)

And, just for fun: The Anti-Bride Guide *smirks*

This may have been prompted by the weird dream I had last night, where my boyfriend proposed to me by hiding what looked like a Cracker Jack box ring in the cup-holder of my Jeep and seemed to be really serious about it. Not that I care a whole lot about a ring, but it was weird. Totally not his style. I guess you had to be there. In the dream, I mean. But that would be even more weird, if you were in my dream. I don’t even know you… But I’ve had dreams with people in them that I don’t know, so maybe you were? WEIRD.

But seriously, all that for $35! Not even used books, just cheap. I like used books, I like seeing people’s little underlinings and notes in the margins. Even used textbooks. But sometimes I wonder, what if the person who had this book before me got a really bad grade because they highlighted the wrong things? And then I study the wrong things too, and I get a bad grade too! Unacceptable. I don’t like buying used textbooks. But I am way too poor/cheap to buy new ones all the time. (I don’t know why textbooks are so pricey, but someone’s making MILLIONS.)

Either way, this store made me…

Wait for it…

I think this quote is anonymous because no one wanted to admit to coming up with it.

Especially since that is the nicest photo I could find of an actual June bug. They don’t look happy, they look angry.

Or maybe I really do need counseling.

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