Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lots of fun and a Little stinkiness. (Is that even a word? I don't know. Well, it is now.)

So this weekend my mum came to visit. Which was totally awesome. I miss her, and she's a widow now so she's lonely a lot, so she visits as much as she can. Every time she comes to visit, we totally wear ourselves out. This time, we went to a little town nearby that I'd heard had some good downtown shops.

So we get there, and the first place we go into is THE. GREATEST. BOOK. STORE. OFALLTIME! It was HUGE, and a locally-owned store, not some generic chain. I have NEVER seen so many used books in one store. There were so many books, they didn't fit on all the shelves, and were literally in stacks EVERYWHERE. It was like a TREASURE HUNT. Words cannot express the AMAZINGFABULOUSNESS of this store! I was so overwhelmed that I only bought one book and this magnet:

Then we went into a Variety/Dime store that smelled like cat pee. And the lady working was very weird. We got creeped out and left.

The next store we went into was a consignment store with AMAZING-RANDOM-GOODNESS. When I get my Financial Aid I am TOTALLY buying a smartphone so I can go back there and take pictures of ALL THE WEIRD SHIT. I did not find any stabbity dolls, though. Which I'm TOTALLY ok with.

Then there were two Hippie stores: One sold all Earth-friendly products, and the other was a volunteer-run, not-for-profit fair trade store. How cool is that?! At Hippie store one, I bought 3 things: Some throat lozenges made of Slippery Elm (cause that's an ingredient in the throat tea I drink) for my scratchy throat (duh), some moisturizing hand soap, and some deodorant.

About that deodorant: Does anyone else out there use natural deodorant? Maybe I'm just really smelly but that shit did not work for me. Maybe I need to give it more days. If I give it more days it HAS to be over break when I am not around other people, 'cause I can totally rock the BO as long as no one else notices it. I like all my other natural products so far, but I am definitely not sold on being stinky. Smelly, sure. Stinky, notsomuch.

At the Fair Trade store I bought a decorative scarf. I recently purchased my first decorative scarf, and even though it sort of makes me feel like I am wearing a snake, I really like how much nicer they make me look without me really trying. So now I have two.

So that was my shopping trip. Then we came home and made Chex Mix and ate, like, all of it. And fell asleep on the couches. 'Cause we're cool like that.

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michelle said...

I love, love, love used book stores. i am like a kid in a candy shop. I feel so hopeful and full of possibility. I can get a book about the history of picket fences, an Egyptian cocktail book, or How to be Productive and Organized, in 47 different volumes!
My favorite finds are used Bibles. I love to see what others have marked and written in them :)